About us

ANDREEVA & MOLLOV LAW FIRM is a team of attorneys with long-term practice in various fields of law such as: Property Law, Construction Law, Design & Territorial Planning Law, Taxation, Company Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Commercial Law; Administrative Law; Labor Law, Litigation, Mediation and Insolvency&Corporate Recovery.

Our mission is to meet the necessities of the client. Our clients are corporate entities and individuals with various nationalities located both in the EU and outside the EU as well as Bulgarian entities.
What is particular in the relationship with each of the above listed clients is the acceptance of the role of the cultural differences on international level, as well as adoption of individual approach on the way of identifying the right business solution.

The lawyers of AP Law Firm provide legal consulting in connection with a specific legal case as well as business-oriented advice, project consultancy, consultancy in connection with foreign investment and establishment of business on the territory of Bulgaria. Often, the legal services provided by our Law firm lead to the creation of business opportunities for our clients.

The individual approach in combination with the understanding for the foreign jurisdictions and foreign business practices is the basis, on which we build long-term relationship with the client.

The AP Law Firm is a member of ADVOC – world-wide net of independent law firm and being the Bulgarian participant in this international formation, we provide legal advice on national level but also on international and European level, we contribute to the creation of a notion about the Bulgarian law and practices as well as the degree of adaptation of the national legislation and practices to the European aqui communitaire.

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