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Insolvency & Corporate Recovery

AP Law Firm provides the following legal services in the Insolvency&Corporate Recovery area, as follows:

Insolvency Litigation is one of the most complex legal fields and we are proud that this is one of our team’s major practice areas. Protecting the interests of clients, directly or indirectly involved in insolvency issues demands high level of experience and pragmatism in almost all other legal fields, such as corporate, real estate, contractual law and criminal law. We particiapte in all parts of the insolvency lawsuit – creditors, debtors, third parties and banks. Our advice encompasses all the aspects of the continuous insolvency process, including opening of the procedure, composition and fill-up of the insolvency mass, retention of title claims in numerous and diverse applications for directions, ring proposals and developing fall-back court-based strategies in conjunction with plans, both challenging and defending corporate restructuring and reorganizations. We have significant experience in acting on behalf of banks, foreign investors and other stakeholders, as well as businesses in financial difficulty form many parts of Europe. Our recent work includes insolvency trusting and liquidation of major Bulgarian companies as Balkancar Holding PLC, Vavilon L Ltd, Namko Bulgaria PLC, Elto Ltd, Geo 5 M PLC, and National Hippodrome PLC. In the period 2014 – 2016 our team, in cooperation with the partnering law firm Ashfords LLP (UK), performed the first European secondary procedure in insolvency of natural persons in conformity with Council Regulation (EC) No 1346 / 2000 on Insolvency Proceedings.